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how to write my story

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Goals: What is the characters goal in the story? Is it to gain world power, conquer death, go on a quest, battle evil, find treasure, and. Is the character willing to do anything in order to achieve their goal? Murder, steal, lie, cheat, and. Heres an article on character development: How to bring Characters to life. From niko silvester, your guide to Creative writing for teens. Ideally, fictional characters should seem to have lives and existences beyond the novel or story that they appear in, but how can a writer accomplish this task?

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You should definitely use names you like. For articles on naming characters harriet visit m/od/characternames need help in finding a name for your characters then visit m physical Appearance: Is the character short or tall? Red hair or blonde or brunette? Number of eyes, arms, legs, limbs, etc? Eye color, style of clothes, etc Write a brief overview of what each of your main characters look like. Lifestyle and Attitude: Is your character a jock or a science whiz or a beauty queen or a goth or a warrior or a farmer and. Is your character quick to anger or laid back. Is your character honest or a greedy thief or brave summary warrior or a heartless killer or worse how does your character behave. History: Write a brief summary about your characters past; where theyre from, what kind of family they come from, and a few big events that helped shaped them from their past. Uniqueness/Special Abilities: What makes your character unique? Is it the way they talk, the way they dress, a physical scar or tattoo, do they see dead people, can play a musical instrument, or is it something else that no one else shares.

If not, you may have to tweak it a little. I hope this has given you some insight on how to write a short story. The next creative writing course session is writing from a point of view. Writing Step 4: Creating your Characters. Written by: Ben Marroquin m, every story needs good, strange, unique, and interesting characters. Your characters can be human, robotic, animalistic, spirits, magical, monstrous; they can even be toys or whatever your mind thinks. You should know the following about your characters: Name: Names can be symbolic resume and/or easy to pronounce.

how to write my story

How to write my life Story story terrace

Your story should follow that arc by allowing your character to essay face obstacles, setbacks and minor victories on the way towards reaching the dramatic climax and bringing resolution. Exercise 7: If you are graphically minded draw yourself a rough graph or jot down the beginning, middle and end of your story. Now write the story and fill in the gaps. If youre not so graphically minded, just jot down a few key phrases or events that might carry your story forward to a possible conclusion. Dont worry, this isnt cast in stone, and you can change the beginning, middle, end and anything in between at any time. Many writers just write to find their voice. Once you have a first draft, go back and see if it has some kind of structure or arc.

Remember, this may be an abnormal world to most readers, but it should reflect the status quo of your characters before it is challeged or shaken. What challenges this status quo? This is your inciting incident. Using only three paragraphs (50 60 words each) or less, start writing your short story. In this short space you should establish your ordinary world, your main character and the inciting incident of your story. Obstacles, setbacks, climax and resolution, this is the outline of the rest of your story. Imagine a graph of building tension. Fig 2: Dramatic development in three act structure.

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how to write my story

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(We will be looking at building a character in a future session and essay try writing another story from their perspective). Look over your answers and see whether or not the outline of a short story is emerging. If not, try another sentence or another trigger image. Beginning, middle, end, every short story should have an opening that is developed in the middle to build tension which reaches its climax towards the end, after which there is a rapid conclusion. For those of you who have studied any dramatic or literary theory you will recognise this progression as typical. Aristotlean Three act Structure.

In a short story you should not spend too much time in the first act where development, setting and exposition take place, and should start your narrative as close to the inciting incident (aka point of change, first turning point or initial crisis) as possible. The inciting incident is the event which upsets the apple cart of the characters ordinary world and compels them to act in a certain way in order to bring balance or closure to their disrupted environment. In the red Dress it is the school dance which the narrator fears will bring humiliation. She then tries to fake illness in order to get out of it, then, when this fails, tries to remain as invisible as possible at the dance. We will look at how a character acts to bring or avoid change change in a future discussion. Exercise 6: What is the ordinary world of your opening sentence?

Take for example these openers: my mother was making me a dress. (From Red Dress 1946, dance of the happy Shades general Sash was a hundred and four years old. (From a late Encounter With the Enemy, the complete Stories fact is the car needs to be sold in a hurry, and leo sends Toni out to. (From Are These Actual Miles, The Oxford book of American Short Stories exercise 4: Jot down questions that arise from these openings and what, if anything, makes you want to read. If you can get hold of copies of the stories. Ask yourself: were the questions answered?

Was I satisfied with the answers? Was the answer what i expected? Exercise 5: Use a trigger image, phrase or thought (see. Releasing your Creativity ) then write down a leading, opening sentence. What questions might be raised? How might you answer those questions in a short story? What setting would be most appropriate to answer the questions? How long will it take for the question to be answered? Can you think of any characters that might help you tell the story and answer the question?

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If this is too tight a fit perhaps you should be writing a novella or a novel. Fig 1: Short story time span. How to begin a short story. Start your piece as close to the turning point or climax of the story as possible. Most writers take a paragraph or so to find their feet. On a second reading they will delete the first essay paragraph as unnecessary exposition or padding. Your first sentence is crucial; it should be filled with energy, intrigue and forward momentum. The reader should be stopped in their tracks and not be able to turn away until theyve read the whole thing. The first sentence should raise questions that need to be answered.

how to write my story

Short stories can be anything from 500 to 6000 words. Anything under 500 words tends to be labelled flash fiction or micro fiction (although some would argue its still a short story) and anything over 6000 is moving into novelette or novella territory. I would argue that a short story is something that can be read comfortably in one sitting and doesnt leave you starving or bloated. Popular magazines tend to accept sant work of between words, more literary ones go for longer. Childrens short stories tend to be under a thousand words. If you would like to write for younger readers, check out some of my articles on writing for children. A short story is a slice of life. As such, you should narrow the time frame and geographical location of the piece. One plot, two or three characters and no more than two locations (one would be better) should fit into a short story.

Save the Short Story campaign and are beginning to make good progress. Short stories appear to be doing far better across the pond in America where the art form is more respected and accessible to ordinary readers. However, there are signs that this may not continue. Read Stephen Kings thoughts on the decline of the American short story. You can check out, writers Market for a list of North American short story outlets. How long is a short story? So what is a short story?

Short stories are the best place for new writers to hone their craft. But dont be fooled, theyre not necessarily the easiest option. It takes a great deal of skill to write a short story thats effective you will have to curtail any tendency to ramble. And not all writers need to be novelists either. Scott Fitzgerald was quite comfortable as a short story writer and only produced the occasional novel out of pressure from his publisher, while the great raymond Carver never wrote a novel in his life. Short stories are an endangered species. There was once a time when every magazine carried some short fiction. Sadly, that time has passed.

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Check out some books by your tutor fiona veitch Smith (click on the book covers to find out more). This is the second session of eight in our online creative writing course, in which well be exploring how to write a short story. Now that your creative juices have been stirred, you should be ready to start writing; if not, go back and try some of the exercises in the first session of this course, releasing your creativity. Writing short stories versus writing novels. Most new prose writers funny have the beginnings of at least one novel in their drawer. They will get to chapter three or four and give up because they dont have the skill, confidence or stamina to carry. If youd never run a marathon you would be a fool to enter the Great North Run without first attempting some shorter distances.

how to write my story
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