Law firm runner resume

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law firm runner resume

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Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Office 97, outlook, excel, and lms system knowledge is preferred. Must be able to get along well with co-workers and work as a team. Must be Able to stay up all night and be focused on work procedures and inputting data. Must be able to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays as necessary. Professional appearance and demeanor required. Strong interpersonal skills are required. Harrahs reserves the right to make changes to this job description whenever necessary. Gaming: Must have the ability to hold an Occupational License as required by the Illinois Gaming board.

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This also includes the understock and stockroom area and any other chores that your Manager or Shift Supervisor may designate. Prerequisites/preferred qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required. Minimum one-year customer experience preferred. Superior customer service skills required. Experience in data entry and dealing with assignments the public is required. Must have 1 year night audit and/or hotel front desk experience. Career interest within the hospitality field or related industry is preferred. Must be detail oriented and work independently without supervision. Should possess time management skills and be able to make informative decisions based on guest situations or business needs. Computer usage skills required.

Assists Valet Staff during high volume periods. Serves as a gift shop associate. Stocking, cleaning, and selling merchandise. Cash register - follow all policies and procedures. Awareness of policy regarding credit cards, traveler's checks, error/refund procedures. Maintain the appearance of the store. Including duties such as dusting, filling, stocking, polishing and keeping your register area filled and tidy.

law firm runner resume

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maintains knowledge of Hotel, community and Special events to provide guests with superior service. Demonstrates a positive and enthusiastic demeanor funny to guests, both internal and external at all times. Responsible for auditing all disputed accounts. Accurately reviews rooms revenue potential report and verify that each guest room rate is correct. Understands and applies all hotel safety and security procedures as required to maintain a secure and safe environment for employees and guests. Assists Bell Staff during high volume periods. Use the telephone and radio to communicate during entire shift as needed.

Ensures that housekeeping cleans all rooms prior to issuing keys. Responsible for posting charges, settling folios for individuals, groups and due-outs communicated through housekeeping. Receives cash, credit cards and comps in payment, obtaining proper approval and authorization. maintains an operating bank, renders bills and issues change. Provides reservations for Casino/Hotel guests, which includes, restaurants, and special events on property. Ensures the timely delivery of all messages, mail and packages left for guests and departments within the hotel/Casino. Works closely with Executive host to ensure that all complimentary and high-end amenity offerings are provided consistent with the agreed upon arrangements. Empowered to ensure guests problems/complaints are resolved in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner.

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law firm runner resume

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Resolves guest issues according to the handling Problem Situations model, using Service recovery tools. Constantly seeks ways to improve friendly, helpful service and reduce customer wait time to positively impact departments customer service ratings. Greets and welcomes customers with a smile, and takes pride in being a harrahs team member. Serves as Hotel representative and customer service role model for other employees. Understands, values, and supports the harrahs mission statement. Knows special events, promotions, and player haven programs.

Resolves customer issues according to the focus handling Problem Situations model, using Service recovery tools. Provides superior customer service, positively effects interactions with customers and employees, and has the resiliency to deal with difficult customers in all types of business conditions and the ability to work harmoniously with co-workers. Generates back up reports and analyzes discrepancies, rate variations, and credit reports. Adheres to all regulatory, company and department policies and procedures. Responsible for the accurate check-in and checkout of guests. Ensures that all guest contact is courteous, informative and thorough.

This means when the force to supinate the foot is low (as it is in those with peroneal tendonitis the subtalar joint axis is orientated more laterally. This means the peroneal tendons have a relatively short lever arm to the joint axis to evert the foot, so are they really weak or do they just appear weaker due to the short lever arm that they have? It could be that because of that short lever arm the muscle is very strong as it has to work so hard to overcome the short lever arm and the low force needed to supinate the foot (and hence the tendonitis). I mentioned at the start that i used to not like seeing this condition as it never seemed to respond very well to treatment. In our unpublished study i mentioned above, we also looked at the foot Posture Index (fpi-8) as a measure of foot alignment; the mean in those with peroneal tendonitis was.6; 0-4 is generally considered normal and anything above 4 is pronated (above. when in reality, i needed to be doing the opposite and pronate the foot more.

This is a perfect example of thinking more about forces and joint moments and reducing the load in the damaged tissue versus thinking about foot posture and foot alignment and trying to move that to a hypothetical normal. Now I like seeing it, as thinking that way makes it easier to treat. As always, i go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise. Subscribe subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Related Posts: Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies What are the best selling running shoes? position summary: Responsible for welcoming guests and insuring that each customer in the hotel is happy with the level of cleanliness and service. Conducts the nightly hotel audit. Minimum age requirements: 21 years of age, duties/responsibilities: Greets and assists each guest in a friendly and courteous manner when checking them in and checking them out. Provides information and directions to guests regarding all services available on property.

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This includes things like ice, nsaids, massage, electrotherapeutic modalities etc. In more sever long standing cases, surgical debridement or repair write of the damaged tissues may be needed. What about the strengthening exercises you often see mentioned for this? I am not convinced as I do not see how increasing the strength of the peroneal muscles will help reduce the load or increase the ability of the tendon to take load. I can see how eccentric activity of the muscles will probably help the tendon adapt to the loads, but that is not really dependent on just how strong the muscles are. I actually think that the peroneal muscles in those with peroneal tendonitis are actually quite strong! Paradoxically, if you do inversion and eversion muscle strength testing in those with it, the eversion strength generally feels quite weak; studential ie the peroneals appear weaker, but are they? We previously showed that about of the third of the variability in the force to supinate the foot is explained by variations in the transverse plane orientation of the clinically palpated putative subtalar joint axis.

law firm runner resume

From the above discussion, we need to reduce the plantarflexion and eversion moments at the rearfoot you do that by heel striking, (if currently a midfoot or forefoot striker) to reduce the plantarflexion moment and add a lateral wedge under the heel or whole foot. Minimalism and midfoot or forefoot striking probably increase the risk for peroneal tendonitis ( they decrease the risk for other injuri es ). As to if the heel striking and the lateral wedge are medium to long term interventions will depend on the magnitude of the force that is causing the high joint moments and if the tissues can be adapted to that load (see 2, below). Three is to possibly the use strapping to hold the foot in a more everted position as a very short term measure, but I remained unconvinced it is very effective. Increase the ability of the tissues to take the load : like with any tendinopthy this is the slow progressive adaption to increasing loads and eccentric muscle write activity. . Often this is plantarflexion and eversion against resistance. The exact nature of the intervention will depend on the staging of the tendinopathy. This is more of a medium to long term intervention compared to (1) which is more of a short to medium term intervention. Help the tissues heal : I wont say much here, but this is the usual array of interventions of varying effectiveness that are more aimed at helping the damaged tissues heal rather than reduce the load and increase the ability of the tissues to take.

The force to supinate these people using our device was a mean of 91 Newtons; whereas the reference group was 138 Newtons. This means that the foot was really easy to supinate in those with peroneal tendonitis, which means that the peroneal muscles are going to be very active trying to counter that. Combine this increased muscle activity with a higher sports activity levels, then this is probably putting the tendon at risk for injury. What does this mean for the management? As with any overuse injury the approach is 3-fold:. Reduce the load in the damaged tissues : you do this in three ways: One is to reduce the level of activity (intensity and duration) to sensible levels until improved and then extremely slowly progressively increase back up to previous levels of activity. Two is to reduce the joint moments that the muscles provide via the tendons.

What causes Peroneal Tendonitis? As with any overuse injury the cause is the cumulative load in the tissue is beyond what the tissue can take. This means that there are either/or a combination of activity levels (intensity and/or duration) and/or biomechanical factors that increase the load in the tendons. One of those on their own may not be enough to predispose to the problem, but a combination of both may be enough. To determine the biomechanical factors that may be predisposing them, the thought process to inform the clinical decision making is to consider the function of the muscles that attach to the tendons, specifically in the terms of what joint moments they write provide and if there. The peroneal muscles also provide other moments at more distal joints, but will stay away from that to keep it simpler to understand for now. What biomechanical factors can increase the load in the peroneal tendons? As these tendons provide a plantarflexion moment at the ankle joint ( they pass posteriorly to the ankle joint axis midfoot or forefoot striking is going to increase the load more than heel striking would when running. They also provide an eversion moment at the subtalar joint axis ( they pass laterally to the subtalar joint axis so anything that increases the eversion moment is going to increase the activity of the peroneal muscles and hence the load going through the tendon(s).

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Royal Thai navy seal, top International Stories, latest write International headlines 3m ago 14m ago 39m ago 51m ago 1h ago 1h ago 1h ago 2h ago 2h ago 2h ago 3h ago 3h ago. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images, jun 29 1:48, may 10, suggested Interests. You are here: Home, injury, peroneal Tendonitis in Runners,. Craig payne on in, injury, peroneal tendonitis is not exactly a very common running injury, but it is something I did not use to like seeing as the management always seemed to be difficult; but now I dont mind as we have learnt more about. There is also not much, if any, specific research, to guide the understanding of it, except what I have done ( and unfortunately not published yet!). The two peroneal muscles on the outside of the leg have a number of functions. The tendonitis of them usually starts of as an ache just above and/or below the lateral malleolus that gets progressively worse with activity. There may be some swelling.

law firm runner resume
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